20 unexpected uses for Febreze FABRIC

knock out stink all day—go ahead, spritz away


Stinky couches, musty carpets, and unwashed curtains barely scratch the surface of the freshness potential of Fabric Refresher. Presenting 20 of our fave ways to spritz away…

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1. close-enough dry cleaner

Four dollars to clean a sweater every week? No thanks. Spritz Fabric Refresher on delicates and gently worn items, and be on your way.

2. weekly tidy-upper

Stinks lingering even after you’ve vacuumed? Finish them off with Fabric Refresher. And if your family has sensitive noses, no worries: Try the gentle odor fighting of Febreze LIGHT Fabric Refresher.

3. cuddle champ

Family movie night on Friday means stale popcorn smells in your couch, pillows, and blankets on Saturday morning. Febreze those sofa cushions so you’re ready for your next blockbuster cuddle session.


4. shower power

So fresh, so clean routine: Spray your fabric shower curtain and bathmat with Febreze on your way into the shower.

5. shoe savior

Stash a bottle of Fabric Refresher in your hall closet. You’ll be ready to pounce on post-workout gym shoes as soon as they walk in.

6. backseat driver

Ever feel like a bus driver? It helps if your car doesn’t smell like public transportation. A blast of Fabric Refresher on your upholstery will minimize mystery odors and get you back on the road to freshness.


7. welcome committee

Hit the mat: You may be noseblind to the smells inside your home, but spraying your welcome mat will get guests off on the right foot to freshness.

8. odor goalie

A generous misting after practice keeps hockey pads out of the penalty box. Bonus points if the kids spray their own gear in the parking lot after practice.

9. date night defender

Use date night to bring back the romance, not the smell of a smoky pub. Remove that dive bar scent by hitting your jacket and jeans with Fabric Refresher as soon as you get home.


10. den leader

Fur babies are cute, but they don’t smell like baby powder. Give your pup’s bed a good spray-down with Fabric Refresher Pet Odor Fighter.

11. bed butler

Duvet covers are easy to wash. The heavy inserts? No such luck. Save your back on laundry day by using Fabric Refresher to stop stink on bulky bedding.

12. rental refresher

Finders’ keepers: Make yourself at home in a loaner tux or rental car with Fabric Refresher Free.


13. sweat equity

Washing workout clothes is the pits. Spray Fabric Refresher on the armpit area of your workout gear in between laundry days to banish B.O. stink once and for all.

14. lounge master

Pull patio cushions out of storage and into the sun. Use a hose to power wash cobwebs and stains, and let dry outside. Top with Fabric Refresher and enjoy the great-er outdoors.

15. winter send-off

Send scarves, hats, and gloves through a ceremonial spritz before they’re packed up for an out-of-season deep freeze. Salute optional.


16. happy camper

Welcome little adventurers back to civilization with a microwaved s’more; then do a thorough spray-down of their smoky camp gear.

17. toy tamer

He may look cute, but that teddy bear can collect a lot of hidden stinks. Save all those cuddly stuffed animals from stink with Fabric Refresher.

18. rec room redeemer

Press pause on playtime stinks. Crack a window in your TV room and use Fabric Refresher to give beanbag chairs and body pillows an intermission from odors.


19. beach bum

Headed out for a spring break holiday? Avoid inviting last year’s seashore funk along by giving beach blankets, umbrellas, and sling chairs a pre-vacation spritz-down.

20. p.m. prep

We won’t tell your coworkers you went to the burrito place without them. Keep a bottle of Fabric Refresher in your desk drawer for a post-lunch wardrobe refresh.