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  • Febreze PLUG Wood

    Add a sense of sophistication with the warm decadence of Febreze PLUG Wood. Notes of oud, amber, and cedar create an ambience of craftsmanship and nature—introducing your home to a freshness you’d never expect from Febreze.

    $6.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Wood

  • Febreze PLUG Peony & Cedar

    Spray away odors with the floral, woody scent of Febreze PLUG Peony & Cedar. Just one whiff of its scent will keep you in spring mode all year long.

    $5.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Peony & Cedar

  • Febreze PLUG Berry & Bramble

    Take a stroll through fields of ripe berries with the odor-eliminating freshness of Febreze PLUG Berry & Bramble. Bask in the scents of strawberry and raspberry while soaking in the sunshine of the spring… even if you’re in the bathroom.

    $5.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Berry & Bramble

  • Febreze PLUG Ocean

    With the edgy-fresh vibes of Febreze PLUG Ocean, your well-scented home will never go unnoticed. Take a moment and revel in notes of ginger, waterlily, and hinoki. You may never see (or smell) Febreze the same way again.

    $6.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Ocean

  • Febreze PLUG Forest

    Bergamot. Musk. Aloe. Febreze PLUG Forest is a trifecta of scent that’s as refined as your taste. Set the mood with its undeniable lushness—it’ll make you see air fresheners (and odor elimination) in a fresh new light.

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    $6.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Forest

  • Febreze PLUG Jasmine & Lime

    Whisk yourself away to a floral oasis with Febreze PLUG Jasmine & Lime. It’s the perfect combination of sweet jasmine and zesty lime to keep your home odor-free and scent-tastically fresh.

    $5.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Jasmine & Lime

  • Febreze PLUG Whispering Woods

    Transform your home into an inviting summer camp with the earthy, sweet scent of Febreze PLUG Whispering Woods. You’ll not only eliminate your home’s odors, you’ll make every guest a happy camper—even if you’re still indoors.

    $5.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Whispering Woods

  • Febreze PLUG Lilac & Violet

    Stop to smell the flowers and welcome a new season without stink with Febreze PLUG Lilac & Violet. Breathe in the springtime scents and impress guests with a garden of awesome.

    $5.49 MSRP
    Febreze PLUG Lilac & Violet

  • Febreze PLUG Fresh-Twist Cranberry

    Make spirits merry and bright with the invigoratingly fresh splash of a Febreze PLUG Fresh-Twist Cranberry. Your party guests will sniff and smile when you serve up this tartly sweet, odor-eliminating cocktail. So go on—add a little extra cheer to your holiday festivities.

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    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze PLUG Fresh-Pressed Apple

    Turn the oven off, and get your Febreze PLUG Fresh-Pressed Apple on. Fill your home with the aroma of green apples and berries… and forget about every other holiday baking disaster that’s ever occurred. A holiday scent that freshens AND eliminates odors? It’s easy as pie.

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    $5.49 MSRP

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