how to use febreze

plan a full-scale odor attack


Fighting odors around your home can feel like a losing battle. Well, we say leave no guest behind! Here’s our winning routine for fighting funky odors on every front, and making sure every guest breathes happy.


Febreze FABRIC: spritz away stinks

Your bestie will be looking for a cozy seat when she arrives. Too bad the woven fibers of your comfy couch (and your curtains. And that rug. And the dog bed.) are a go-to hiding place for unwanted odors. While you can’t cram that cushion in the washer, you can top every pillow-fluffing session with a spritz of Fabric Refresher. Just spray until damp, let dry, and enjoy!


Febreze AIR: fight odors in an instant

Unleash your freshness force with a sneak attack. Typical air fresheners just add another smell to the mix, but Air Effects actually fights airborne odors and leaves an instant burst of lightly scented freshness in its wake.


Febreze PLUG: switch it up

Try something pluggable to help continuously fight away stink. A Febreze PLUG with Fade Defy Technology automatically alternates between two scents without any extra effort for a first-day fresh that lasts 50 days.*


Febreze CAR: hit the road

Don’t let the stink from Saturday’s soccer practice ride shotgun all week. Clip a CAR Vent Clip to your dash and adjust the scent to your liking. It’s the best car air freshener to map your route to a clean-smelling ride.

Tip: Spare tire. Spare key. Spare CAR Vent Clip. (You know, for those emergency odiferous carpool situations.)


Febreze SMALL SPACES: plan for stinks

Hind-stink is 20/20, so get ahead with an odor fighter you can set up and forget about while it keeps day-to-day smells at bay. Place a SMALL SPACES in the tiny spots that make a big difference—like on an entry table or in your most-used bathroom—for 45 days of awesomeness.


Febreze Candles: they don’t just make scents

Scented candles are nice, but a Febreze Candle works its odor molecule magic on stale, musty smells and brightens your countertops with a warm glow. Use Febreze Candles when mood lighting is appreciated, such as in a group on your kitchen table or alongside a warm bubble bath.


Febreze WAX MELTS: have an odor meltdown
Febreze Wax Melts can add some oomph to your scent collection. Just add a couple of cubes to your electric or tea light wax melt warmer and sniff on.

Tip: Mix multiple wax melt scents to create a signature blend for your living room.

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