a guide to fighting pet odors

freshen up after those furry family members


From hairy furniture to accident-stained carpets to everything else in between, your fluffy BFFs can leave your home smelling like a pet store, especially to houseguests. In fact, 49% of Americans say that they dread visiting homes with pets because of the stench.* Try these tips, and never blame it on the dog or cat again. (We’re looking at you, Uncle Charlie.)

tip: spray fabrics between washings to keep things fresh

wash it

There’s no mystery here: Washing the fabrics from your pet’s favorite lounge spots helps tackle the stinky culprit. Take all the slipcovers from your furniture and bedding (pet beds, too), pet blankets, towels, etc. and give ’em a good wash every other week. Giving the dog a bath while the dryer runs doesn’t hurt either.

suck it up

Smells can come from pet hair and dander, so take a vacuum to all those surfaces pets love—we’re talkin’ corners of the room and deep in those couch crevices–then spray fabrics and carpets with Fabric Refresher Pet Odor Fighter to keep them fresh. Got hardwoods or tile? Ditch the vacuum and go for a Swiffer® Sweeper. (And don’t forget about all the tumbleweeds of dog or cat hair piled up in the corners of your floors.)

wipe their paws

Before you take your dog for a walk, leave a shallow bucket of water and a towel next to the door. When you get back, dip his paws into the water and towel-dry for a paw-print-free home.

Wash it. Suck it up. Wipe their paws.

use a squeegee

Do you avoid wearing black unless on vacation? Does every guest leave your house looking like a yeti? Grab that squeegee from the shower—it’s an easy way to scrape off all the extra fur from the couch so guests can sit pretty.

let the freshness linger

Complete your arsenal of pet odor fighting with these top pet-friendly picks.



Fabric Refresher Pet Odor Fighter, specifically made for your dogged odors Air Pet Odor Fighter, for any fur funk that arises.



A Pet Odor Fighter SMALL SPACES, one tiny miracle-working device that provides those tight spaces (aka the kitty bathroom) with stink fighting freshness for an entire month.

  • *In a recent survey by Atomik Research