our mission

setting safety standards, one sniff at a time

OK, real talk: We aren’t the first air freshener. But we are the first of its kind to actually eliminate stink… thanks in part to our OdorClear technology. Back in 1994, a P&G research & development scientist working on fabric softener discovered that a fancy little molecule used in dryer sheets (AKA cyclodextrin) could actually be used to clean away bad odors from fabrics—without throwing them into the wash. With an obsessive determination over the course of four years, he perfected that technology into a simple, water-based sprayable formula… and in 1998, Febreze Fabric Refresher made its debut.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to develop safe stink-busting formulas that help the world breathe happy—from our homes, to our cars, to the air we (and our families) breathe. When it comes to the safety of our products, we don’t take any shortcuts. Our multi-step process goes well above and beyond industry standards—so that every spritz, spray, and sniff of Febreze is as safe as it is effective.

Our process: safety at every step

From the ingredients we use, to the fragrances we create, to the formulas that make Febreze one of the best odor eliminators on the market, we follow a rigorous screening process with your safety in mind:

Chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, and benzene—they’re on our ingredient black list and we refuse to formulate with them. Take a look at our full No List for more.

We clean away bad odors without just covering them up. That’s why we test every ingredient of a formula to ensure its efficacy (that’s scientist lingo for, “it works!”) and safety—no fluff here—so that you can continue to count on Febreze to work from the first to the last spritz.

An ingredient that’s safe on its own might not play well with others. We rigorously test each formulation to determine if it’s safe to use under a number of situations to make sure our products are still within our safe range standards.

We take safety as seriously as we take our odor elimination. So we hold our products accountable not only to our own standards, but also to the standards set by the industry’s safety experts, like the International Fragrance Association—and it doesn’t stop there. We’re so obsessive about ensuring our products are safe for use that we obtain counsel from independent outside experts, like Dr. Rick Kingston, a clinical professor of pharmacy at the University of Minnesota and international expert in the areas of clinical toxicology, product safety, and corporate stewardship.

Wanna know even more about Febreze? Take a closer look at how our formulas work, the ingredients we use (and don’t use), and our recyclability, or meet the entire odor-eliminating bunch.