have you gone noseblind?

all you need to know about what your guests already knew


A vast majority of Americans are noseblind to the smells in their homes. It’s our Febreze-like duty to provide support. Read on to learn more about this olfactory affliction and how you can get (and stay) guest-ready year-round.

scientifically, going noseblind is 100% real

And it typically follows a three-step process, as seen in this fish dinner example:

1. You cook your famous fish casserole—and think it smells great.

ODOR ADAPTATION: your nose’s physical response that normalizes new smells

2. You get used to the lingering fishy smell.

ODOR HABITUATION: a built-in reprogramming of your brain to ignore a smell 

3. Your friends come over, smell only fish, and judge you for it.

ODOR INFESTATION: what your guests overwhelmingly smell as soon as they walk in the door 

This blend of physiological (what your body is telling you), psychological (what your brain decrees), and sociological (what makes your guests judge you) all adds up to one thing: You are totally noseblind and need an odor makeover—STAT. Luckily, Febreze has the odor-removing, guest-ready lineup you need to never go noseblind again. 

what your guests smell.what you smell.

meet the guest-ready lineup

To avoid any noseblind judgment from guests, you need to tackle the odoriferous problem (whether you can smell it or not) right at the source. That’s where Febreze comes in. While most air fresheners cover up odors, Febreze truly eliminates ’em. Don’t believe us? Read for yoursmellf how & why Febreze works.

Using a can of Air Effects is a great start, but you may need the whole odor-removing kit-and-caboodle to continuously conquer noseblind symptoms. Try out these guest-ready tips and prepare for endless compliments.

So the next time the in-laws pop in during Tuna Casserole Tuesdays, breathe easy. You’ve left your noseblindness in the past, thanks to Febreze.