trade in your old plug for a free Febreze Fade Defy PLUG

trade in your old plug
for a Febreze Fade

how the program works

step 1: find a store

Find a participating store or check back later as more stores are added.

step 2: drop off & scan

Find a Febreze Fade Defy PLUG bin, drop in your old plug and scan the QR code. All old plugs will be recycled through Terracycle.

step 3: get a FREE Febreze PLUG

Bring a Fade Defy Plug Warmer to check-out along with the coupon from your QR code.

  • get to know Febreze Fade Defy PLUG

Delivers a 1st day fresh for 50 days

Digitally controlled scent release chip

Refill indicator light lets you know when its low

Features a range of scent refills

don't have an old plug to trade-in?

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