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our products

get guest-ready freshness, courtesy of Febreze

No cover-up here—Febreze has the only lineup of air fresheners that truly clean away stink. So whether you’re looking for an instant burst of “ahh” or continuous freshness, you know we’ve got your back (and nose). Check out all the ways we can help keep your life guest-ready and odor-free.

our products

Febreze FABRIC

For fabrics you wish you could wash: Fabric Refresher eliminates sunk-in stink with long-lasting freshness.

Febreze AIR

Your go-to air freshener for any odors that arise: Air Effects doesn’t just mask stinky air, it instantly eliminates it.

Febreze CAR

On-the-go freshness: CAR Vent Clips are the best car air fresheners to eliminate car odors for good.

Febreze PLUG

Unplug noses with a Febreze PLUG: the odor-eliminating pluggable with two alternating scents that lasts up to 45 days.


Don’t forget those nooks and crannies: smallSPACES eliminates odors and freshens for up to 30 days.

Febreze Candles

Burn out the stink: Our scented candles help you say “buh-bye” to odors—and “hello” to freshness.


Scent the mood: Wax Melts are the easy-to-use scent cubes that invite soothing fragrances into any home.

Febreze ONE

Febreze ONE

Eliminate stinks with a whisper: Try a delightfully delicate range of nature-inspired scents with the entire Febreze ONE Collection.

Febreze Unstopables

Dial up the scentensity: Get more scent power with the entire Febreze Unstopables collection. More is good, right? Right.

our collections

Febreze Spring Collection

Buh-bye, winter odors: It's time to meet the must-sniff scents of the season.

Febreze Holiday Collection

Take home jolly freshness: Because odors aren’t invited to mix and mingle at your holiday party.

Heavy Duty Collection

When odors get tough: The tough get Heavy Duty, with up to 2x the odor-eliminating power.* *vs. base Febreze

Destinations Collection

Smell ya later, odors: It’s time to make freshness your next stop with the Destinations collection.

Fragrance Free

Smell nothing: Our Fragrance Free Fabric Refresher is tough on fabric odors, but gentle for anyone sensitive to scents.